My journey here

The thought of starting a blog has been something I’ve thought of for a while but never thought I would do. I thought I didn’t have anything to contribute, anything original, or anything worthwhile enough. This last year of my life has been one of deep growth and introspection; I have been trying to find and support the gritty, strong, and worthy woman within me and shower her with love. The voices of self-doubt tell me that “I suck at writing,” and “no one wants to read your ramblings,” and “there is nothing unique enough to put out,” but I’m choosing to ignore those voices and support the creative side of me.

I chose the name of my blog by combining several big themes that make up me and my writings.  My last name earned me the nickname Highlander which I carried over to my camp counselor name for many years.  The name Highlander (and all the deviations I got from camp kids: highlighter, lunar lander, etc.) has been a cherished name for me. I often think of a thank you card I received from my friend and fellow camp counselor, Teach, where he quoted the Highlander series with the statement of “there can only be one.” I am appreciating being uniquely me. There is only one me and that’s a pretty special thing.

My next part of the name refers to something that has become a bigger part of my life than I have ever expected: yoga.  I initially started doing yoga as a way to incorporate a more dynamic stretching routine in my life when I began distance running.  I often thought that yoga meant boring, slow, and simple.  I discovered more appreciation for the physicality of yoga when I started doing hot yoga, the heat removed me from my mind to my body.  I started increasing my practice but as most things in my life my dedication waxed and waned greatly.

Traveling grows as a passion and part of my identity the more I do it. It’s rare that months go by without the smallest of adventures outside of my town. My love for travel and exploration started as a crush, something I wanted and flirted with but had no idea how to get, and has changed into a deep and passionate love.  I seek to know my love more for all the ups, downs, pains, and pleasures. Travel enriches me in a way that few other experiences can.  The world simultaneously shrinks and grows through travel and viewing it through others’ eyes.

This year, my friend convinced me to go with her on a yoga retreat to Aruba.  A yoga retreat in a foreign country…? Sounds right up my alley! (It was, even though that friend did not get to come with on the adventure.)  I’ll be honest: I had little to no idea what I was getting myself into.  Through the guidance of the Island Yoga team, and all the beautiful souls I encountered during my time in Aruba, I found the spirituality of yoga and work to bring that into my daily life. This summarizes how I got here and the name for my blog. I will go into more detail about different topics with some random words or love and inspiration. I’m focused on improving myself and striving to  be a positive force in the world around me.


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